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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…Today!


Welcome to our virtual booth for the 2021 SVC TechCon Conference!

Solar PVD Coatings

Take a look at the work we do with Solar PVD Coatings

Photonic PVD and Evaporation Coatings

Click below to read more about how SCI is helping evolve the Photonic PVD and Evaporation Coatings industry.

Optical Coatings

Take a look at the contributions we make to the world of Optical Coatings


Understand more about our contributions to Automotive Coatings

Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) & Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)

Zinc Sulfide (ZnS)

Our digital data sheet on ZnS highlights this material as one of our specialties! For even more info on this material, take a look at our ZnS shop page.

Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)

SCI Engineered Materials offers MgF2 in 99.9%purity, and in many different sizes. Visit the MgF2 shop page for more info, or to request a quote.

Titanium (Ti) & Silicon (Si)


SCI Engineered Materials not only offers pure Titanium, but we also offer over 15 standard compositions containing Titanium. 



We can provide Silicon targets and assemblies in both P-type and N-type, up to a 99.999% purity.  We also offer a wide range of standard Silicon compounds.

Barium Strontium Titanate (Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3)

Barium Strontium Titanate (BST)

This BST Target Assembly weighs in at nearly 22lbs!

Composed of a copper backing plate, a BST target, and a thin layer of Indium to bond the two, this large planar target is exemplary of both our bonding capabilities, as well as our scalability. 

Inset Targets for Specialty Cathodes

We can produce a diverse range of sputtering targets for various magnetron cathode designs, which includes Chi, Upsilon, and, as seen here Mu Inset.


Our ability to create these targets is not limited to only standard materials, and we welcome all types of material requests, even precious metals!

Delta Target & AZO Dogbone Target

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) Delta Target (Left)

Al2O3 is a delicate but versitile ceramic. This was machined into a 'delta' shape per our customer's needs. We excel at custom ceramics and employ a host of specialty machinery to create custom ceramic powders.


AZO Dogbond Cylinder (Right)

Aluminum Zinc Oxide (AZO) is an extremely versatile semiconductor! As one of SCI Engineered Material's specialties, we produce this advanced ceramic in every shape and size. Pictured here is a dogbone cylinder, differing from regular rotary cylinders by the slight angle of the material at the end similar to that of an iconic dogbone. This slight angle is a testament to our machining capabilities.


Company History

View more about our company history including our founders, IPO, name changes, and how we continue to make contributions to the worlds of Thin Films and Engineered Materials.


Read more about our amazing management team, including our Executive Officers, and Board of Directors. 

Indium Bonding

Standing at over 1 meter tall, this rotary target is composed of a stainless steel backing tube, four (4) Al2O3 sleeves, and a thin layer of indium metal to adhere the sleeves to the backing tube.


SCI has well over 20 years of working with the craft and science of indium bonding. In fact, in 2008 and 2009 respectively SCI received federal Third Frontier Grants specifically for our advances in indium bonding! 


Our custom-built C-Scan machine can verify bond integrity in rotary targets of up to 3 Meters (9 Feet) long! Perfect for large area glass coating projects that are moving to full-scale production.


Reflective Coatings

Titanium Oxide (TiOx)

In addition to conductive TiOx, we also provide TiO2, as well as TiO. TiOx has a refractive index of between 2.48 & 2.60 making it a great material for optical coatings!


Chromium (Cr)

We provide this lustrous metal in a purity of 99.99%. Chromium has a long history of uses in highly reflective applications. Often times it is used to redirect light towards its intended target as used in headlights & lighting applications.

Aluminum Zinc Oxide & Zinc Magnesium Oxide

High-Density Aluminum Zinc Oxide (Left)

Aluminum Zinc Oxide is one of our specialties, and we've developed a High Density (HD) version of the material that comes in at 98% dense! This means more deposition material in each target. 


Zinc Magnesium Oxide (Middle)

Colloquially called ZMO, this engineered ceramic is playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing of CIGS (Cadmium, Indium, Gallium, Selenide) solar cells. The material's bandgap can be tuned with doping of Mg, which makes it a perfect alignment/buffer layer in those solar cells. 


Flexible Thin Film Solar Panels (Right)

AZO is a key material in the manufacturing of many different brands of flexible thin-film solar panels! Large target assemblies are used to coat miles of roll-to-roll solar panel material which can bend and move, unlike conventional rooftop solar panels.



Engineered Materials

Bonded Silicon Assembly (Left)

This medium-sized planar target consists of a pure Silicon Target, a copper backing plate, and a thin layer of Indium to bond the two together.


Zinc Oxysulfide (Middle-Left)

Zinc Oxysulfide sees wide uses ranging to the fields of thin-film solar, where it can be used as a buffer layer in CIGS solar cells, to photocatalytic, and optoelectronic technologies as well.


Barium Zirconate (Middle-Right)

Barium Zirconate, typically abbreviated as BZO is used extensively in the solid-state memory market. This material is unconventional and warrants more study to unlock its full potential


Engineered Materials (Right)

SCI Engineered Materials explores all aspects and avenues in which our materials can be applied. From specialized powders to experimental 3D Printing feedstock, our R&D Department will work with you to get the right material, engineered for your specific need.

Optical Coatings

Optical Coatings

SCI Engineered is proud to have served the optics industry for over 25 years. Our wealth of experience and knowledge with engineered optical materials is at your fingertips, just send us a quote today!

Cast & Thermal Sprayed Rotary Targets

Cast Rotary Target (Left)

Aside from bonding our materials onto backing tubes, there are two other novel ways to prepare a rotary target. A cast target is monolithic where the target material and backing plate are cast, creating one solid piece. Popular types of cast targets include Aluminum and Stainless Steel.


Thermal-Sprayed Target (Right)

The second method of creating a rotary target is to spray the material as a plasma onto the required backing tube. As the material cools, it adheres to the backing plate and then is machined to spec. 


Cast & Thermal-Sprayed Rotary Targets

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Welcome to everyone from the 2021 SVC Techcon

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