Microelectronics Auto-Dimming Mirrors Touchscreen Decorative Trim


Electronic chips are more important to the automotive industry than ever before. SCI manufactures the materials that allow chip makers to innovate and continue the digitalization of the car. Sputtering targets made of Silicon, SiO2, Germanium, Aluminum, Silver, Tungsten, Copper, Ruthenium, Titanium, Molybdenum, and other precious metal alloys are used to create MEMS, MOSFETs, and sensors. Thinfilm transistors, which differ from conventional MOSFET transistors where the semiconductor material is the substrate, also use materials like ZTO as a gate material.

You will find the materials in which we specialize within nearly all digital aspects of the automotive world.

Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Automotive mirrors have evolved to include auto-dimming & touchscreen technology, enabling drivers to utilize integrated systems like cameras, motion sensing, and dynamic lighting to further improve the driver's ability to sense more around them. We manufacture sputtering targets and evaporative materials of Chromium, Titanium Oxide (TiOx), Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Aluminum Zinc Oxide (AZO), Silver, and Ruthenium to automotive manufactuers.


 Touchscreen technology uses nanolayers of transparent, but conductive oxides to relay touch into digital commands. TCO's (Transparent conductive oxides) drive the touchscreen industry. SCI manufactures the TCO materials manufacturers use to create these products. Common materials like ITO (indium tin oxide) are used, but SCI offers comparable and more competitively priced alternatives like AZO (aluminum zinc oxide).

Decorative Trim

A number of finishes and trim options utilize our sputtering targets for mass sputter coating. One advantage is that large batches can be produced at once, and the quality of those produced by thin-film deposition withstand more punishment than automotive paint would offer. Typical materials we sell for this type of application include Titanium, Chrome, Nichrome, as well as other non-corrosive oxides and compounds.