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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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Evaporation Materials

Evaporation deposition is a type of sputter deposition often used when higher speeds or lower temperatures are materially prohibitive. SCI manufactures high-performance metal, ceramic, and alloy bulk-form evaporation sources in virtually any customer-defined configuration. Evaporation materials are typically used in CVD and E-Beam processes. In addition, these sources can vary widely from pellets, rods, wire, slugs, and even custom shapes.

Consistent thin-film coatings need reliable and pure sources, which is why all of our standard materials are backed by our extensive, on-site quality control procedures. All materials ship with a Certificate of Analysis along with a Safety Data Sheet. Just as with our sputtering targets, we welcome new and prototype material concepts. If you have a new material concept for a CVD or E-Beam deposition source, reach out to us today!

SCI offers evaporation materials in:

  • Low purity to high purity
  • Pure elements, compounds, ceramics, alloys, and precious metals
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes for Production or R&D (slugs, pellets, custom shapes, etc.)
  • Conflict-free metals & materials

All evaporation materials ship with a Certificate of Analysis and a SDS.