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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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Glass PVD Coatings

Low-E glass fabricators utilize sputtering targets for MSVD (Magnetron Sputtered Vacuum Deposited) technology. Often referred to as a ‘soft coat’ these materials are engineered to increase solar blockage, including UV and thermal radiation. These same materials can be engineered to fit specific latitudes so that regardless of your geographic location, you can feel the effects, and save on energy costs.

SCI develops engineered materials specifically for this industry. We are engaged in R&D efforts to both increase the efficiency of the MSVD process through material engineering, as well as bring new material formulations to market. Our quality control for indium-bonded MSVD targets is unparalleled. We use a custom-built Ultrasonic C-Scan to inspect bond integrity which means you’ll never encounter bond voids/gaps again. When combined with our excellent customer service and on-time delivery, your choice of MSVD glass material provider is clear. Request a quote or a sample today.

ZTO Rotary Sputtering Target