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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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Standard Terms

Placing an Order with SCI Engineered Materials™

Due to the very technical nature of our products, SCI requires that all orders be placed IN WRITING. This allows the customer to communicate their complete specification, eliminating misunderstandings. In cases where SCI has generated a written quote, we can begin an order after receipt of a purchase order number with the appropriate quote reference. However, we still require a written purchase order. Please fax written purchase orders to (614) 486-0912 for faster processing.

Order Confirmation

All orders placed with SCI will be confirmed in writing prior to shipment. Order Acknowledgements contain critical information; the material, specification, and expected ship date. SCI makes every effort to fax the Order Acknowledgement to the end user or the purchasing authority, if applicable, within 5 business days. For orders that are placed based on our written quote, and for which SCI has not received a written purchase order, we require a signature on our Sales Order Acknowledgment prior to shipment. This confirms that our Sales Order correctly reflects the customer’s specifications and expectations.

Terms of Sale

Our minimum order is $150.00. Our standard payment terms are Net 30 (after shipment). We typically prepay and add shipping and insurance charges to the final customer invoice. All sales are made EXW (Ex Works) our dock unless other arrangements have been made in writing prior to shipment. Our carrier of choice is United Parcel Service (UPS), but we use other carriers, as specified by the purchasing authority. Shipping insurance is added to your invoice based on the value of the product.

SCI prepays and adds shipping, packing, estimated applicable tariff, and insurance charges to your invoice.
SCI sales terms and conditions apply to all orders.

Please also note the following Terms of Sale, also sent with our Order Acknowledgement.

The seller shall not be liable for any failure to perform or for any delay in the delivery or shipment of products, or for any damage suffered by the buyer for the following reasons; earthquakes, fires, floods, acts of God, accidents, riots, war, government interferences, strike, shortages of labor or materials, inadequate transportation facilities or any other causes beyond seller’s control.
Date of shipment is based on seller’s best judgement and is subject to conditions beyond its reasonable control; any such shipment date cannot be guaranteed.

Cancellations shall be by mutual agreement in writing based on any adjustment necessary to cover seller’s labor expended and material procured, processed or partly processed.

Specification changes made subsequent to placing an order are subject to price revisions and to any adjustment necessary to cover material procured and processed and any labor expended prior to receipt of revised specifications.
No claims made for shortage or damage will be considered unless made in writing within fifteen days after receipt of material and accompanied by reference to customer’s purchase order number.

Upon written notice by seller issued Returned Materials Request (RMR) and upon return of goods only; not later than thirty days after receipt of material by buyer, seller will at its option, repair, replace, or credit any material which is not in accordance with the specifications set forth in the buyer’s purchase order, as accepted by seller. SELLER ASSUMES NO LIABILITY OR CLAIM FOR EXPENSES OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE USE AND/OR SALE OF SAID PRODUCT.

No liability is assumed for infringement of any patents held by others.
Seller represents that, with respect to the production of goods or services covered on any order, it has fully complied with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 as amended.

Seller reserves the right to revise any price quoted, without notice to buyer, at any time prior to acceptance of buyer’s order by seller, provided that all such original or revised prices shall not exceed the maximum prices permitted under applicable government regulations, if any.

Some shipments of precious metal cannot be made via truck or rail. In such instances and unless otherwise instructed, the order for such metals will be shipped via express or parcel post. Shipments of other material will be by a carrier at seller’s discretion unless otherwise specified by buyer. In any event, the risk after shipment leaves seller’s plant shall be on buyer.

Metal prices quoted by seller and/or shown on orders as received from buyer are subject to change in accordance with metal markets on the day order is shipped, except where specifically confirmed to a fixed price by written agreement. Prices are based on fabricated markets as published by Engelhard industries of American Metal Market as appropriate.

Materials are sold to accepted industry and manufacturing variations or tolerances, except where otherwise agreed to by both parties.

Materials are shipped to buyer FOB seller’s plant. Seller is not responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit and consequently buyer should immediately notify the carrier in writing of such.

In addition to any other legal remedy, if buyer fails to fulfill the terms of payments, seller may defer further shipments or may at its option, cancel the un-shipped balance. Seller reserves the right, previous to making any shipments, to require from buyer, satisfactory security for performance of buyer’s obligations.

All sales contracts become effective only when the buyer’s order, specifications and terms of payment are approved and accepted in writing by the home office of seller. The material will be shipped as indicated on seller’s factory acknowledgment copy of buyers order, which the buyer receives. Unless buyer notifies seller of any exception to the acknowledgement immediately after its receipt, the order as acknowledged shall constitute an agreement between both parties.

Special Requests

Although our product listing describes over 150 different materials, it represents only the standard materials SCI manufactures. If you need a product that is not listed in this catalog, or additional services, please email our sales team, SCI reserves the right to charge for set-up on custom materials or shapes; such charges will be specified in our quotation.

Developmental Material Terms

SCI is committed to working with its customers to develop new materials and processes for the thin film deposition industry. As part of this commitment, SCI will use its expertise to attempt to fabricate materials that are non-standard and are classified as developmental.

Under these terms, SCI warrants to resource its expertise, experience, and facilities to its best efforts to manufacture this product. However, SCI cannot guarantee the outcome or the quality of the product. Also, SCI can assume no liability for the quality of suitability of any thin films or devices manufactured with these products.

By agreeing to these terms, the customer indicates that they understand that they are purchasing only the work performed and any necessary materials used on the products. The customer is obligated to purchase the product regardless of its final condition. Sub-quality items include, but are not limited to, low density, discoloration, inhomogeneity, off stoichiometry, chipping, cracking, brittleness, out of dimensional tolerances, and warpage.

Standard Tolerances:

THICKNESS for ALL TARGETS is +/- 0.010″
FLATNESS for ROUND TARGETS is 0.003″ per inch of diameter.
FLATNESS for RECTANGULAR TARGETS up to 4 x 4″ is 0.003″per inch of length.
FLATNESS for RECTANGULAR TARGETS up to 5 x 15″ is 0.015″ corner-to-corner, Total Indicator Movement (T.I.M.).
FLATNESS for RECTANGULAR TARGETS up to 5 x 36″ is 0.025″ corner-to-corner, T.I.M.
SCI can manufacture our targets to tighter specifications for a nominal extra fabrication charge.

Delivery, Packaging and Documentation

Our products are packaged under vacuum and/or double argon bagged, in specially coated polymer bags. It is important that you never touch these materials with bare hands. Always wear rubber gloves when handling powders or targets or when working inside your vacuum chamber. Our products are shipped in protective packaging appropriate to the dimensions, weight, and final use of the target. Each product is shipped with a Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet. A Certificate of Conformance will be provided if requested by the customer.