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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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SCI Engineered Materials™ is pleased to offer a wide range of single-crystal substrates for making high-quality thin films. We are a global supplier of high-quality substrates and if you don’t see your needed substrate listed in the following pages, please request a quote, chances are we can meet all your substrate needs. Typically used in CVD and E-Beam processes, substrates can be used for epitaxial growth, prototyping thin-films, or utilized for each of their unique crystal lattice structures. Films can be transferred, or the substrate-film utilized itself as a specialized component in itself.

Substrates are important in the growth of single-crystalline materials as they serve as the crystal-structure blueprint for the coatings that are deposited upon them. Smoothness, as well as particular orientations are important for coatings to function properly.

Substrate Offerings

  • Al2O3(sapphire)
  • BaF2
  • BaTiO3
  • CaCO3 (Calcite)
  • CaF2
  • CdZnTe
  • GaAs ((Si) doped)
  • GaAs (undoped)
  • GaAs ((Zn) doped)
  • GaP ((S) doped)
  • GaP (undoped)
  • GaSb (High r)
  • GaSb ((Te) doped)
  • GaSb undoped
  • GaSb ((Zn) doped)
  • Ge undoped
  • Ge ((B) doped) P-type
  • Ge ((Sb) doped) N-type
  • GGG
  • InAs (undoped)
  • InP ((Fe) doped)
  • InP (undoped)
  • InP ((Zn) doped)
  • KTaO3
  • LaAlO3
  • LaF3
  • LiF
  • LiNbO3 – Optical Grade or Saw Grade
  • LiTaO3 – Optical Grade or Saw Grade
  • LSAT
  • MgAl2O4 (spinel)
  • MgF2
  • MgO
  • NaCl
  • NdCaAlO4
  • NdGaO3
  • NYAB
  • PMNT
  • Si (undoped)
  • Si ((B) doped) P-type
  • Si ((P) doped) N-type
  • SiC (6H)
  • SiO2 (quartz)
  • SrLaAlO4
  • SrLaGaO4
  • SrTiO3
  • SrTiO3 w/ Nb doping 0.4 wt%
  • SrTiO3 w/ Nb doping 0.7 wt%
  • SrTiO3 w/ Nb doping 1 wt%
  • TeO2
  • TiO2
  • YAG
  • YAlO3
  • YSZ (Y: ZrO2)
  • YVO4
  • ZnO