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Niobium (Nb) Sputtering Targets

Niobium (Nb)

Niobium (Nb) is the atomic number 41, and appears as a grey-metallic transition metal. This metal is used mostly as an alloy in high-grade structural steel, but this material is also used in creating superalloys, superconducting Magnets. Niobium has the greatest magnetic penetration and is one of the Type II superconductors. Other applications include jet and rocket engines. Superconducting alloys of Niobium are employed in MRI machines, while the Large Hadron Collider uses 600 tons of superconducting Nb3Sn wire. Niobium doesn’t have a biological role, this does make it hypoallergenic allowing it to be tested as possible material for medical implants.

Niobium (Nb) Sputtering Target

Niobium (Nb) Sputtering Targets

We offer our Niobium (Nb) Targets in 99.9% purity. You can add requests for our most common circular targets below which range in diameters from 1″ to 8″ round, and from 0.125″ Thick & 0.25″ Thick.  If you’d like a quote on a custom Niobium (Nb) Sputtering Targets please visit our custom request form to get exactly what you need!

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