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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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The markets we serve are as diverse as the services we provide, and the products we manufacture. SCI Engineered Materials is committed to providing our customers with quality products and/or services in a timely manner. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing engineered materials like sputtering targets, evaporation materials, and advanced ceramic powders.

Supported by highly reflective & corrosion-resistant materials like Chrome, Nichrome, Aluminum, and precious metals

We support the Aerospace & Defense markets by providing both standard, and prototype materials.

SCI Engineered Materials has over 25 years of experience manufacturing target and evaporation materials for the Optical Coating Industry.

SCI Engineered Materials has over 25 years of experience manufacturing target and evaporation materials for the Optical Coating Industry.

Low-E, or low emission window coatings take this problem head-on by using coatings that trap heat from the sun meaning less money spent on temperature control.

Ultra-thin layers of material that facilitate the transfer of heat and light energy into electrical energy

Specalized Quality Control

Standard machinery used for quality control sometimes can’t accommodate large or intricate shapes. By investing in specialized quality control equipment, we can scan full assemblies of up to 3 meters long. Purchased with a government grant in 2017, our large C-Scan uses water and vibration to measure the indium bonds on rotatable targets. Aside from assuring structural integrity, our SEM microscope analyzes the chemical composition of each target to make sure dopant levels, and alloy mixtures are perfect.

Metal Pool Accounts

We provide each of these markets with not only high-quality products, but also provide unique value adds. Our ability to repress precious metal sputtering targets improves the bottom line by reducing waste of these expensive elements. Our precious metal Pool Accounts provide customers with the freedom to purchase their raw material when they see fit, thus releasing them from the unpredictable nature of the precious metal market. To understand the true value of this process, one must also understand how precious metal targets are made.

If you foresee a consistent need for a particular precious metal, our Precious Metal Pool accounts are perfect for you. Typically when a customer sends us a purchase order for a precious metal target we contact one of our authorized precious metal vendors who sell us the metal at that day’s market value. We then add in time for machining and labor which is the total cost presented to you. Precious metal orders are prepay only, and settle the same day with our vendor to ensure there is no difference in pricing regarding the market value.