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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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Our engineered materials serve a vast array of markets. We have decades of experience manufacturing complete sputtering target assemblies for any OEM system our customers have. Our large rotary sputtering targets mainly serve the large area glass coating sector & thin-film solar markets while our round & rectangular planar targets, evaporation materials, and powders generally support the optical coating & photonics coatings markets. Our support for the Aerospace & Defense market comes from a mixture of our products. 

Round Planar Sputtering Target Assemblies
Square Planar Sputtering Target Assemblies
Multi-Tile Sputtering Target Assemblies
Rotatable Sputtering Target Assemblies
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We are a full-service, sputtering target manufacturer. We use your drawings and measurements to create fully indium bonded sputtering target assemblies.

Evaporation Pieces
Evaporation Pellets
Ceramic Evaporation Pieces
Ceramic Oxide Evaporation Pieces
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We manufacture engineered evaporative materials based on the specifications you provide. Consistently sized pellets and pieces are available in any material.

Ceramic Powders

Whether you need a standard powder or to collaborate with us to create a new proprietary powder, SCI has the experience & equipment to provide both commercial & test batches.

Research & Development

We’re not only a manufacturer. Our customers value our quality products, timely service, and collaborative spirit. We’ve helped countless customers with Research & Development with our ability to produce prototype ceramics and alloys. By collaborating with customers, SCI has helped improve the formulation of existing materials resulting in better material performance, and has even assisted in discovering new materials with exciting applications. 

Precious Metal Sputtering Target Recycling

Some materials provide no room for waste, and this is exceptionally true for precious metals, also called PGM’s or platinum group metals. Pure metals such as Gold (Au), Palladium (Pd), Silver (Ag), Ruthenium (Ru), Platinum (Pt), Rhodium (Rh), Iridium (Ir), and Rhenium (Re) typically represent the rarest, and thus most expensive pure metals available. Sputtering Targets of these materials can be costly, and prices can fluctuate violently within the marketplace. SCI mitigates these issues associated with precious metals by using our innovative recycling techniques. Some materials can even be sent to us as spent targets that we use to press in new powder, essentially creating a new sputtering target from a spent sputtering target.

Metal Pool Accounts

In addition to our recycling techniques, SCI can manage your precious metal pools. We provide reports to customers on how much precious metal they have in their pool, how much material they’ve reclaimed, and how much material will be used to create their sputtering targets. Thus, customers who use our pool system obtain a holistic view of their precious metal stream. This pool method also gives our customers control of when they purchase these precious metals. If customers see a cost opportunity on the precious metal they utilize, they can seize upon it and place it in our pool. Once purchased, the metal is theirs, out of reach from market fluctuations, and ready to be manufactured.