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Touch Screens

Transparent Conductive Oxides

It's all in the name.

A material that is both optically transparent, and electrically conductive. There have been many different combinations of materials that provide these properties, but none has been as stable and widely adopted as Indium Tin Oxide or ITO.

At SCI, we have the privilege of seeing this material in its bulk form. In its sputtering-target form, ITO isn't transparent at all due to the density of the material. It's important at SCI that when we manufacture a sputtering target, it be as dense as possible so that our customers get as much use out of the target as possible. A high-density target material is even more important when the target needs to be conducive since there is a direct relationship between the density of a material and its electrical conductivity. Many large, commercial coating operations use systems that are DC (Direct Current) powered, which means that the sputtering target must be conducive for thin-film deposition to occur.

Standard & Smart Mirrors

Reflective Coatings

Chrome and Aluminum are the most common coatings for reflective applications. Our high-purity material ensures superior coating quality.

Smart Mirrors

Gone are the days when mirrors just reflected. Advances in thin-film technology have enabled manufacturers to push the boundaries of common materials,  making them smarter and the world safer for us. Smart mirrors not only provide visual coverage to areas that are outside of a person's typical visual range, but smart mirrors can project camera feeds directly onto the mirror's surface. This allows the driver to see not only what is in direct line-of-site of the mirror, but all of the other blind spots common automobiles have.

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim

Decorative trim applications typically don't need to be high-purity since the molecular structure is less important in terms of how the coating will look. Typical trim materials include chrome, nickel, and aluminum. Products are typically manufactured in batches within large vacuum chambers to ensure a consistent appearance.

Electronic Components


Metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors, or MOSFETs, are used in many different types of electronics. MOSFETs require almost no outside input to control the load current.