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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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Spray & Cast Targets

Basic Information

Both conventional & custom materials are manufactured in-house with our Hot Presses & CIP (Cold Isostatic Press) and can meet your monolithic rotary target needs. Some materials require a backing tube, in which case the target can be cast, or sprayed (thermal sprayed, arc sprayed, or cold sprayed) onto the aluminum, titanium, copper, or stainless steel backing tube. We also offer welcome custom or exotic requests for manufacturing methods and components.

Standard Materials


Silicon (Si)

Silicon Aluminum (SiAl)

Chromium (Cr)

Tin (Sn)

Zinc (Zn)

Silver (Ag)

Specialty & Custom Alloys are Available!


Dogbone Ends

Standard or Compact Diameters  (6″ or 3″)

Stainless Steel