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Tomorrow’s tech solutions…today!

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Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Targets

SCI Engineered Materials™ offers our Antimony (Sb) Sputtering targets in a 99.999% purity, ranging in sizes from 1-8” in diameter, and from 0.125”-0.25” thick. However, if you need a different size or configuration with your Antimony (Sb) Sputtering target that isn’t on this page, please visit our custom request form to get exactly what you need!

Antimony (Sb)

Antimony is atomic number 51 and belongs to group number 15 which material scientists know as Pnictogens, or the Nitrogen Family. It has an electronegativity of 2.05, a hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale (similar to that of Calcite), and is resistant to acid attacks. Furthermore, Antimony in its elemental form is brittle and silvery-white. Moreover, Antimony semiconductors have seen a role as a dopant in n-type silicon wafers for diodes, infrared detectors, and Hall-effect devices its other uses include pigments and as an additive in removing bubbles in Television Screens.

Pure Antimony (Sb) is not abundant and miners often find it along with arsenic, lead, silver, and copper. The most common ore of antimony is Stibnite (Sb2S3). Additionally, it is both a poor electrical and thermal conductor and reacts with halogens to form Antimony Halides. Interestingly, in Ancient Egypt, Antimony was used in various medical applications in the past before it was discovered to be toxic.

To get an in-depth summary of the material, please visit the PubChem below:

PubChem Identifier: CID 5354495


Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Target
Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Target

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