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Boron (B) Sputtering Targets

Boron (B)

Boron is atomic number 5 on the table, and in a crystalline form is silvery to black, or in its amorphous form is a brown powder. This essential element is mostly mined from the earth, where it usually found in naturally occurring compounds like borax and kernite. Most of the earth’s boron exists in its water, as water-soluble borate minerals. Boron is used most commonly as a chemical additive in fiberglass for both its ability to insulate, as well as its structure strengthening capabilities. Boron is also used in borosilicate glass to help reduce the thermal shock, and it’s used in semiconductors as a dopant.

Boron (B) Sputtering Targets

SCI Engineered Materials offers our Boron Sputtering targets in  99.9% purity, ranging in sizes from 1″ to 8″ in diameter, and from 0.25″ to 0.125″ in thickness. If you need different sizes or configuration please reach out on our custom quote request and we will be happy to manufacture exactly what you need.

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