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Cobalt (Co) Sputtering Targets

Cobalt (Co)

Cobalt is atomic number 27 and is a hard silver-gray, lustrous metal. This ferromagnetic metal occurs in two crystallographic structures: close-packed equal spheres, and cubic crystals. As a free element, it forms a protective passivation oxide film and is open to attack by halogens and sulfur. Cobalt has been used for its rich blue color in decorative ceramics and colored glass.

Cobalt (Co) Sputtering Targets

We offer our Cobalt (Co) Sputtering Targets in 99.95% purity. You can add requests for our most common circular targets below which range in diameters from 1″ to 8″ round, and from 0.125″ Thick & 0.25″ Thick.  If you’d like a quote on a custom Cobalt Sputtering Target please visit our custom request form to get exactly what you need!

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